Return & Exchange Policy

Special Requests (Tailoring / Sewing custom clothes)

Customized orders, which may include specific embroidery or modified sizes, cannot be returned to the customer. This means that the store does not accept returns for customized items, regardless of the reason for the return. Therefore, if a customer requests any detailing, size modification, or embroidery on a product, they cannot return it for a refund or exchange.

Ready Orders:

  • Customers can return a ready-made order within 24 hours of the invoice date. It’s important to have the invoice when returning the item, as the store will not take responsibility for returns made without it. If a return is accepted, the customer will receive either a replacement product or a coupon for the same value as the returned item (excluding any delivery fees). The customer will be responsible for paying the delivery fees if they request this service.
  • The product must be returned in its original condition, without any damage or signs of wear, and without any unusual smells.
  • To initiate a return, customers must contact the store via WhatsApp at the number 50605084. They will need to provide the invoice number and a reason for the return, and the store will provide instructions on how and where to return the item. It’s important to note that the store will not accept any returns without prior contact from the customer.

Defects or wrong order:

A wrong request is defined as an order that does not match what was specified in the invoice or what was requested on the website.

If the order is received through delivery service:

Customers are advised to inspect their orders immediately upon delivery and report any damage, defects, or wrong items to the store’s representative before they leave. This will allow the store to resolve the issue and facilitate a return if necessary. If the order matches the invoice and there are no errors, the customer will be responsible for paying the delivery fees.

Note: We are not responsible for the delay in the examination, and in the event of a delay, it is up to the management to accept the change or not.